5 Things We Learned From Gary Owen’s Appearance on the Wendy Williams Show

Comedian Gary Owen was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday.
Fans learned quite a few things.

1. Wendy has had a crush on Gary since the movie Think Like A Man AND she definitely let Gary know about it !.
2. Gary said he will never say a bad word about his soon to be ex-wife, Kenya.
3. He said the divorce has a ‘plot twist’ but he has been advised by his lawyer not to speak on it publicly.
4. All of this kids are grown adults so when Kenya made the comment he was a deadbeat dad he didn’t understand that comment. He said his kids are either away at school or he is traveling on the road.
5. He said there is no ‘side baby’ and he did not sleep with Claudia Jordan.
What did you think was the most shocking part about the interview? What do you think the ‘plot twist’ is?