6ix9ine Targets Meek Mill: “You Was Put On By Nicki Minaj”

6ix9ine is one of those people who should just integrate back into society quietly but he has been anything but. The colorful rapper recently went on an Instagram Live rant calling out Meek Mill for “rolling with a rat.”

“Imma start off with Meek Mill, right? 6ix9ine then turns the camera to show a picture of Desiree Perez, the CEO of Roc Nation, hanging out with Meek Mill and Jay-Z.

He then brought up a NY Daily News article that detailed Perez’s arrest for having 35 kilos of cocaine, her striking a deal, and turning informant.

6ix9ine continued with his rant, “You’re with a rat every day. You’re with a rat. Your prison reform. Your bail reform is with a rat. ‘Oh no, she wasn’t street.’ She was sellin’ kilos of cocaine. You don’t want nobody to know?”

During the rant, 6ix9ine talked about Meek opening for Nicki on tour and said Nicki put Meek on. Do you think Nicki put Meek Mill on?