6ix9ine Thinks He Will Be More Popular After Prison

6ix9ine thinks all will be forgotten once he is done serving time in jail.
He thinks that the celebrities who have been hating on him are just jealous.
He is referring to 50 Cent, YG, Meek Mill, The Game, Snoop Dogg and J. Prince.
6ix9ine thinks that people will forget about his snitching in time.
He also does not want to go into witness protection. Instead he wants 24/7 security.
Unfortunately for him, he will have to pay for that himself. He is hoping that by resuming his music career as soon as he gets out that he will be able to afford the security.
The trial against the Nine Trey Bloods has two more weeks left.
6ix9ine is not on trial he is the government’s star witness.
Do you think that people will overlook his snitching and support his music?