A Goldlink, Andre 3000 Tease Is Out

Hip-hop fans went crazy when they found out that Goldlink was teaming up with Andre 3000 for new music and now a taste of the music has been released. In the tease, the two are in the studio and you can hear a taste of their song called “Love 3rd.” [sponsored_shortcode shortcode=” %2Fdiv%3E%20%3Cdiv%20style%3D%22%20width%3A%200%3B%20height%3A%200%3B%20border-top%3A%208px%20solid%20%23F4F4F4%3B%20border-left%3A%208px%20solid%20transparent%3B%20transform%3A%20translateY(-4px)%20translateX(8px)” /] The track was produced by Matt Martians and Steve Lacy of The Internet. When the full project will be released isn’t known, but the tease makes you hope that it’s soon. What do you think about the tease track? How happy are you to hear Andre 3000 rhyming again?