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A year after its release, Lewis Capaldi's debut hits triple-platinum in the UK

Burak Cingi/Redferns

Some records make the chart and then disappear.  Lewis Capaldi‘s debut album just won’t go away — at least, not in his native U.K.

As Music Week reports, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, which came out May 17, 2019, has now gone triple platinum exactly a year after its release.  In the U.K., “platinum” is sales of 300,000 units; Lewis’ album has now sold nearly 902,000 units.

In the U.K., the album has spun off five top-10 singles, including two number ones, and it’s still in the top 10, 52 weeks after its release.  It’s also set to return to the number-one spot, which would make it its 10th week on top overall.

In the U.S., the album has spawned two hits: “Someone You Loved” and “Before You Go.”

The head of Lewis’ record label tells Music Week that they’re all “absolutely ecstatic.”  Last year, Lewis himself told the publication, “I remember my manager and record label having meetings and being like, ‘We want to make this album hang around,’ and obviously that’s a bit of a tall order unless you’re…Sheeran, Adele or Drake or whatever. But I don’t think it’s left the Top 10 since it came out, which is ludicrous.”

He added, “You look at the numbers and you’re like, ‘How the [heck] are people still buying this?’”

Lewis released a new live EP, To Tell The Truth I Can’t Believe We Got This Far, on May 15.

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