Aaliyah’s Iconic Album ‘One In A Million’ Arrives on Streaming Platforms

Until now you could only hear Aaliyah’s music if you were lucky enough to have her albums or on a playlist on YouTube, but now her iconic “One In A Million” album is available on streaming platforms.

It’s been 20 years since the R&B songstress died in a plane crash and fans have continued to cherish her music throughout the years.

The estate of Aaliyah Haughton released a lengthy statement ahead of her music coming to streaming services. The statement spoke of “deception,” “attacks on our character,” and “individuals who have emerged from the shadows to leech off Aaliyah’s life work.”

“One In A Million” is just the first album to be released. The “Romeo Must Die” album arrives on September 3rd, her self-titled album “Aaliyah” will be released September 10th, and “I Care 4 U” and “Ultimate Aaliyah” will be released October 8th. A posthumous album is in the works and will include features from Snoop Dogg and Future.

What is your favorite Aaliyah album?