Aaron Carter promises to return to rap with a new album this year

Aaron Carter recently posted on social media that he will be returning to the rap scene soon.
He said, “New one…I’m back at the rap game 20 years later lemme shows these kids how it’s done….. patience is everything …growth !! IM BACKKKK AARONS PARTY NEVER DIED.”
Aaron did post a video online showing his fans a preview of what is to come.
He rapped, “I tried everything but they never listen/ Gotta admit it, I’ve got the game of submission/ Got everybody’s attention/ I know the truth, and I am not kidding/ Already finished, you start back at the beginning/ How am I already winning?/ How am I already winning?/ How am I already winning?”
Did you listen to Aaron Carter’s last album that dropped in 2018 called Love?