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Adam Levine reveals the “Beautiful Mistake” he made while shooting the song’s video


On TikTok, Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine is asking fans to share their own “Beautiful Mistakes” — named after the title of the band’s latest hit — so he can check them out and feature them on his own page.  To kick things off, he shared his own beautiful, yet stomach-churning, mistake.

“When we did the video for ‘Beautiful Mistakes,’ Randy’s Donuts made all these custom donuts for us, and they were so delicious and I had to take a bite of one during every take,” Adam explains in a TikTok video.

In the video, Adam rides a vintage convertible through the skies over L.A.  When he passes Randy’s Donuts, an L.A. landmark, the skies magically fill with donuts, and you can see Adam grabbing one and eating it.

“I took so many bites — and we have footage, actually — I had about, probably, collectively, about 15 donuts at the end of the day,” Adam continues. “And it was really bad…In ways I will not tell you, but you can imagine.”

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