Airlines Push Social Distancing & Increase Flights As Economy Reopens

Delta Airlines will continue the push for physical distancing while onboard its planes.

Delta has announced that middle seats will continue to be blocked through September so that passengers are spaced out better.

When booking a ticket to fly on Delta, all middle seats are shaded as unavailable.

On some of its regional aircraft that seats 2 and 2, the aisle seats will continue to be blocked as a COVID-19 prevention tool.

On the other hand, American Airlines is slowly increasing its flight schedule as summer approaches and the economy re-opens.

On Thursday, the airline announces it would boost its domestic and international flights in July, an announcement that sent its stock price up 25%.

American plans to run about 4,000 flights per day in July – still down from the usual peak of 6,800 daily flights but double May’s average of just 2,000.

Have you flown since the pandemic started? How was your experience?