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Alessia Cara hopes charity EP will "fix" those "little pockets of issues" she recently became aware of

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Donating money to help COVID-19 relief, or to further the cause of Black Lives Matter, has become common over the last few months.  But Alessia Cara says that with the release of her latest EP, This Summer: Live Off the Floor, she hopes to address some of the lesser-known problems plaguing the world right now.

Alessia has said that she’s donating all her personal proceeds from the release of Live Off the Floor for the next 21 years to the charity Save the Children.  According to the Grammy-winning star, the charity is uniquely positioned to help not only victims of COVID-19 and social injustice, but other issues she recently became aware of.

Speaking to Billboard, the Canadian singer says of the last few months, “All these things were being uncovered about the way that the world operates.”

“Things that I was discovering that I had no idea were going on, like the famine and war in Yemen,” she adds. “The mistreatment of indigenous communities in my own country, which was really eye-opening because I didn’t realize how grave the situation was.”

“So, as the world started progressing, and things were being uncovered, I wanted to find a charity that would help out all those little pockets of issues in hopes to fix them, and in hopes to be as progressive as possible,” Alessia explains.  “Save the Children is great with that because they have so many emergency funds for those specific communities across 117 countries, which is great.”

And literally saving the children, she says, is her goal.

“Those are the future leaders,” Alessia says. “It’s important that those kids are protected and rightfully equipped to be the future leaders and hold the torch that us adults are holding now.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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