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Alessia Cara is “very very” grateful for her loyal fans: “They’ve always been in my corner”

Shervin Lainez

After dropping the singles “Shapeshifter” and “Sweet Dream,” Alessia Cara is preparing to release her first new album in three years.  And Alessia says that considering how quickly things move in the industry, she’s eternally grateful that her fans are still out there, patiently waiting for her new music.

“Yeah, I mean, I think we are in an industry that’s very, very fleeting, and success is fleeting, and people move on to the next thing so easily,” Alessia explains. “And you kind of do feel, especially as a young woman, like, if I don’t constantly churn things out, like, are people going to forget me?”

However, Alessia notes, “I’ve never had to worry about that, thankfully, with my fans.  They have always been in my corner, waiting on me and excited for me, and have never left my side, no matter how long it’s taken, you know? So I’m very, very grateful for that. It’s never lost on me how, how supportive they are.”

Alessia does think it’s amusing, though, that fans think she’s launched a “comeback,” when just in the past year or so, she’s put out a live EP, a Christmas EP and starred in an animated Netflix film.

“It’s funny, because people have called this next era ‘Alessia Cara comes back,’ and I’m like, really?” she laughs. “I mean, yes, I have, like, come back with a new album, which I haven’t put out in three years. But in between that time, I have done tons of other side stuff like EPs and movie stuff. And so I definitely didn’t go away.”

“I wouldn’t call it a comeback, but I guess it’s like the first full project, ‘new era’ in a long time,” she shrugs. “So I guess it’s different. I don’t know.”

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