Alicia Keys and Swae Lee drop new track called ‘LALA (Unlocked)’

Alicia Keys just dropped her brand new single featuring Swae Lee called ‘LALA (Unlocked)’.
Alicia Key said, “I love Swae. Swae is such a bright energy. He’s the real deal. He’s so authentic and for real. It’s so unexpected because you might see Swae featured on my record and you might expect something, or you might not expect something. I’m not sure what people expect, but what I love about it is I personally feel like you never heard Swae like this before.”
Alicia Keys will perform this track at the VMAs on Sunday.
She discussed her new album and said, “I do feel like this music that’s coming is very much like, I know my lane and I’ma drive in it. That’s the vibe of this music. There’s a confidence. There’s a swag. There’s an energy. There’s a feeling of just complete comfortable in my skin.”
Alicia Keys says that she does have a track with Kehlani and is working on a ‘Girl on Fire’ graphic novel.
Are you excited about Alicia Keys’ new album? Are you excited about her performance at the MTV VMAs?