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Ally Brooke talks decision to save herself for marriage: "Everybody has respected it"

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Ally Brooke‘s memoir Finding Your Harmony is coming out on October 13, and in addition to stories about her childhood, her time on the X-Factor, her work in Fifth Harmony and as a solo artist, and her stint on Dancing with the Stars, she also makes a surprising revelation: At age 27, she’s still a virgin.

In the book, Ally explains that when she was 18, she asked her parents for a ring that says “True Love Waits,” which symbolizes what she calls “the choice I’ve made to save myself for marriage.”

“It’s a delicate subject to talk about because it’s so personal to me, but I felt it was important to share, because I’m proud of myself for honoring this promise I’ve made to God,” she writes.

In an interview with the Hollywood Raw podcast, Ally explains, “I was brave to share that…I was really happy to be able to share that with my fans and readers…Letting my true heart shine was the goal of this book.”

Ally also says that so far, “everybody has respected” her decision, “which is awesome.”

“I have had those moments where people would make fun of me or question me, like ‘Yeah right,’ but I just have to hold that in my heart and know my truth and kind of just let that be that,” she added. “It’s awesome feeling that respect. I’ve never felt any pressure.”

Ally also told the podcast that in terms of Fifth Harmony reuniting to perform again, “anything is possible.”

“Honestly, the past few years have been crazy. We don’t get to talk as much,” she explained. “I think everyone is doing their own things and is so busy…It’s awesome to see everyone shine and thrive.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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