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Andrew Tate banned from multiple social media sites

andrew tate
Social Media personality Andrew Tate has been banned from all social media platforms. (Andrew Tate Instagram….Before it was deleted)

Self described “Success Coach” Andrew Tate has been banned from Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram.

Tate has gone viral on several occasions for his statements on women comparing women to property, graphically describing how he would assault a woman for accusing him of cheating, and claiming that men would rather date 18- and 19-year-olds over women in their mid-20s because younger women have had sex with fewer men.

Prior to being banned from Twitter in 2017 Tate once tweeted women should bare some responsibility” for being sexually assaulted.

“The media is spinning a false image of me, on repeat, and Instagram bowing to pressure is a massive shame,” Tate told NBC News. “I will always have millions of fans around the world and my platform would be a beacon of light, teaching people of all genders and races how to respect one another for years to come. Now these fans can not learn important lessons of love.”