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Andy Grammer releases introspective self-love anthem, “Love Myself”

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Andy Grammer admits he’s always leaving messages to other people in his music, but he bucked that trend on Friday after releasing “Love Myself.”  He says the single is dedicated to one person: Andy Grammer himself.

Andy acknowledges in his song that he can be his own worst enemy by beating himself up “with awful thoughts” that “eat myself alive.”  He insists he doesn’t want to live that way and vows to drown out the negative voices that rattle his self-confidence.

“I love you, I don’t say it enough/ I love who you are, who you’ve become/ Don’t know why I cannot hear it/ ‘Less it comes from someone else/ But I’ma find a way to finally feel it/ When I say it to myself,” Andy tells himself in the upbeat single.

Andy took to Instagram to explain what compelled him to step out of his comfort zone and pen such a vulnerable track.

“I’ve written a million love songs in my career,” he wrote. “I have never in my whole song writing career intentionally written one to myself. It was SUPER STRANGE. Full disclosure I sat at the piano and cried, laughed, made fun of myself, held space for myself, felt stupid, felt like a crazy person and ultimately felt peace.”

Andy hopes that the single will help others learn to practice self-love and patience. 

“Love Myself” is available to stream and purchase now.


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