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Andy Grammer wants your help writing a new summer camp anthem

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Gather ‘round the campfire with some new Andy Grammer music this summer.

Not only does he have a new song, “Lease on Life,” coming at the end of this month, but he’s also partnering with Quaker Chewy to write a summer camp anthem for a good cause. Andy is asking families across the country to help write the tune by submitting their own camp-themed lyrics.

“We’re going to take all these submissions, then me and my esteemed writing partner, my four-year-old daughter [Louisiana], are going to compile them all together and make a song,” Andy tells ABC Audio. “And for every lyric that is submitted, Quaker Chewy will be donating a dollar to the American Camp Association, which will help send kids who might not otherwise be able to go to summer camp to camp, which I think is super important at this specific time in history to get kids playing together.”

Andy has his own fond memories of summer camp from when he was a kid, saying playing sports like Wiffle ball and kickball stuck out to him most.

“As I got older, I would go to specific basketball summer camps, which was really, really fun,” he adds. “It was just a great time in life to just go be around your friends.”

These days, his new version of “summer camp” involves making an album.

“That’s the adult summer camp!” he says of recording his upcoming album. “I got like a bunch of my friends who I love and are incredible songwriters and we all got a house together. We quarantined for two weeks and just like wrote a ton of incredible music, and that’s my summer camp. That was amazing.”

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