Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin, Fake German Heiress Who Inspired Netflix Show, Expected To Be Deported

Have you been watching the Netflix series Inventing Anna?
The real life Anna Sorokin is expected to be deported back to Germany.
She was convicted in May 2019 on eight counts, including grand larceny after pretending to be a fake German heiress and scamming wealthy New Yorkers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
She served just under four years in prison.
She admits she made up the name Delvey.
Anna said her time on Rikers Island in prison was therapeutic.
While her attorney is fighting her deportation and is still within his 30 days to do so an Immigration judge wants to send her back now.
The court finds that even if released from detention and ordered to report regularly to ICE, the respondent would have the ability and inclination to continue to commit fraudulent and dishonest acts.
Do you think Anna should be allowed to stay in the U.S?