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Ava Max reveals track listing for 'Heaven & Hell,' releases new song

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Ava Max has finally revealed the track listing for her highly anticipated debut album Heaven & Hell and, as predicted, it’s got a “Heaven” side and a “Hell” side — with some “Purgatory” thrown in for good measure.

“Side A — Heaven” features Ava’s current single, “Kings & Queens,” plus a bunch of new songs we haven’t heard yet, including “OMG What’s Happening,” which she just released today.

“Purgatory” includes just one song — “Torn,” which came out in August of 2019.

“Side B — Hell” features the previously released tracks “Salt,” “So Am I” and “Who’s Laughing Now,” plus Ava’s breakthrough smash “Sweet but Psycho,” as well as a few new tracks.

Here’s the full track list for Heaven & Hell, due out September 18:

Side A — Heaven
“Kings & Queens”
“OMG What’s Happening”
“Call Me Tonight”
“Born to the Night”


Side B — Hell
“Take You to Hell”
“Who’s Laughing Now”
“So Am I”
“Sweet but Psycho”



By Andrea Dresdale
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