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Ava Max says new single "Who's Laughing Now" is like the "second part" of "Sweet But Psycho"

Charlotte Rutherford

On Friday, Ava Max finally revealed the title and release date for her debut album: Heaven & Hell will arrive September 18. She released a new single, “Who’s Laughing Now” — and she says she thinks of it as sort of a spiritual sequel to her breakthrough hit “Sweet but Psycho.”

“‘Who’s Laughing Now’ is kind of the second part of ‘Psycho,’ in a way,” Ava tells ABC Audio. “It definitely resembles “Psycho” in a lot of ways, once people hear…the words. It’s about overcoming your hardest struggles in life. And it’s about…just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, really.”

“And maybe a little bit of revenge in there as well!” she laughs.

As for Heaven & Hell, “Who’s Laughing Now” will be on it, but we don’t know the track listing.  While Ava’s released a string of singles over the past year or so, she says only “a few” of them will be on the album — “Most of the songs are new,” she explains.

In addition, in an unusual move for a pop album in 2020, Ava says there aren’t any guest artists.

“I personally wanted it to just be me on the album because it is my debut album and I wanted people to get to know me more,” she notes.

Right now, Ava’s just itching to leave the COVID-19 quarantine behind and get out there on the road to see her fans. 

“I love you guys, and I just cannot wait to hold you guys and sing to you guys,” Ava says when asked what message she has for her fans, who call themselves Avatars.

“And I personally just want this all to be over and (laughs)…so we can all be together,” she adds. “And stay strong, and wear your mask!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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