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Ava Max unleashes sexy new dance-centric video for "My Head & My Heart"

Atlantic Records

Ava Max says that her new video for “My Head & My Heart” will show fans “for the first time…the true me on screen.”  If that’s true, then the true Ava is someone who really likes to dance.

In the video, Ava and a group of male and female dancers writhe, gyrate and perform full-on group choreography in the club. Ava sings the upbeat dance banger while getting into some super-steamy clinches with the male dancers.

“This is hands down my favorite music video I’ve ever done,” Ava says in a statement, adding, “Come DANCE with me!”

Ava will sing the track tonight on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“My Head & My Heart,” which extrapolates the 2000 hit “All Around the World (La La La La La)” by ATF, is available on the digital edition of Ava’s album Heaven & Hell. It’s the follow-up to “Kings & Queens,” which is still going strong on the chart and has racked up close to 850 million streams globally.

By Andrea Dresdale
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