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Bazzi didn’t “think too much” about including controversial lyrics in “I Like That”

David Black

Bazzi‘s new single “I Like That” is an upbeat and romantic tune, but the unedited version features lyrics about doing various drugs, not to mention shooting guns.  Did Bazzi think twice before including those lyrics in the song?  Well, no, actually.

“I didn’t really think about it too much, but maybe I should now, huh?” he laughs. “I’ve never really questioned the things I say in music when I’m writing songs. You know, my creative process is very present and I usually freestyle all the lyrics. And if I say something, I believe it’s kind of supposed to be there.”

Controversial lyrics aside, Bazzi says “I Like That” is designed to be a bridge between his previous work and his new era, explaining that the five singles he released last year were just stand-alones.

“This is kind of like the soft heads-up compared to the other ones,” he says of “I Like That.” “You know, I’m really trying new grooves and I’m really trying to disconnect from what music sounds like and what people are into these days, and to just really listen to myself on the things that I’m into and the music I want to hear and the music I imagine myself wanting to hear.”

He continues, “So it’s a bridge into just fun, fresh new music, [and] different perspectives on music right now. And some new flavors for people to listen to.”

And as for those 2020 singles, Bazzi explains, “A lot of it was just, I was making music and a lot of people were locked inside and I just wanted to share..but they weren’t really a part of a greater collective or cohesive vision.”

However, he adds, “They’re still important songs that I think people enjoy.”

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