Beyonce Announces New Album ‘Renaissance,’ Release Date Revealed!

The wait is finally over for the BEYHive as Beyoncé has announced her new album, “Renaissance.”

Eagle-eyed fans have been paying close attention to every Beyoncé move since she removed her profile pictures from all social media accounts last Thursday (June 9)

Since then, her BEYGood account posted a tribute to black musicians on Wednesday (June 15) and there was a hand with a red glove pointing at Brandy’s “B7” album cover, signaling that Beyoncé’s seventh studio album was on the way.

Now there has been an album name, a blank tracklist of 16 songs, and a date of release given to fans. Upon the announcement, Tidal and BeyLeigon’s page has posted the message, “Renaissance” “Act i” Fans can expect “Renaissance” to be released on July 29.

What do you think will be the concept of Beyoncé’s new album? Do you think there will be other acts to follow?