Beyoncé Reportedly Inked $60 Million Netflix Deal

Beyonce dropped her Netflix Homecoming special Wednesday night. The special was her Coachella performance from last year with behind-the-scenes clips.

Social media began buzzing that Ariana Grande, who headlined Weekend 1 of Coachella this year, allegedly received more money for her performance than Beyonce did for hers.

While we don’t know figures for certain, we do know that Beyonce’s Coachella performance has netted multiple streams of income for the star.

Netflix reportedly gave her $60 million for three exclusive specials, one of which was the Coachella performance. Beyonce also dropped a 40 track-live album on Tidal and Homecoming-themed merchandise.

Mathematically it would appear that Beyonce’s Coachella performance made her a nice “coin”

Have you watched the Homecoming performance? How many times?