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Beyonce Reportedly Not Handing Over Personal Texts in Blue Ivy Trademark Dispute

Beyonce is reportedly not keen on handing over personal text messages between her and husband Jay-Z, as well as her mother Tina Knowles in connection with an ongoing trademark legal battle.
Back in 2017, Beyoncé sought a trademark for the exclusive use of the title, Blue Ivy.  Veronica Morales, whose events company was founded three years prior has been accused by Beyonce’s legal team of trying to sell her business to them for $10 million. The offer was alleged to have a PowerPoint presentation to show why Beyonce should acquire her event planning business and “Blue Ivy” trademark. The alleged presentation also showed how they could combine forces and “begin producing products and goods” with Beyonce attached. Beyonce and her legal team reportedly declined the offer. Morales denied their claims.
Morales, the business owner of a Boston-based events company, Blue Ivy Events (also the same name as Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first child) has reportedly asked for a “list of documents and communications” from Beyoncé showing evidence that Beyonce planned to use a Blue Ivy trademark.
As of Thursday, Beyonce and her legal team haven’t handed over anything and asked for a protective order to ensure Morales does not leak any confidential information.