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Billie Eilish among designers for 2028 LA Olympics logo; working on next album

ABC/Arturo Holmes

Billie Eilish is helping design the logo for 2028 Olympics, set to take place in Los Angeles.

The “bad guy” singer is among over 20 different creators commissioned to put their spin on the logo, which features the letters L and A and the number 28. For her version, Eilish put the A in the same slanted font she uses for her own logo.

“The font is the font that I use for my logo, and who knows if that’s gonna be relevant in my life in eight years” Eilish explains. “But I have this whole thing about not wanting to please my past self or my future self, it’s all about pleasing your present self.”

“I don’t know what my life is gonna be like in eight years,” she adds. “But I’m really just looking forward to the future.”

That sentiment is certainly reflected in Eilish’s new single, “my future,” which she dropped in July. According to her brother and collaborator, Finneas, more new tunes are on the way.

“Most of my time is working on Billie’s next album,” Finneas tells WSJ. Magazine. “I’m really proud of everything we’re making and excited for people to hear it.”

By Josh Johnson
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