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Billie Eilish launching “darker, rainy” new fragrance, Eilish No. 2

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Courtesy Parlux

Billie Eilish‘s first fragrance Eilish was a big success, so on Friday, she’s releasing a second one called, of course, Eilish No. 2.

“I really liked the idea of a darker, rainy world for Eilish No. 2,” Billie says in a statement. “We started with the original Eilish elements of warmth and sweetness, but then added spicy and woodsy elements for a more sultry, and wet feeling.”

In developing the new scent, her fragrance partner Parlux explains that Billie was “guided by her synesthesia, which involves all her senses to visualize and see the color, texture, shape and what number her second act fragrance represents.”

The new scent features Italian bergamot, apple blossom, papyrus, black pepper, wet poppy flowers, ebony and musk. The bottle is the same as Eilish’s — a sculpted container modeled on Billie’s chest, neck and collarbone — but it’s now in a dark, metallic slate color.

Eilish No. 2, which is, of course, vegan and cruelty-free, will be available Friday at, at a cost of $72.

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