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Billie Eilish on tonight’s headlining Glastonbury show: “I have to convince myself I’m not a huge loser”


Friday night, Billie Eilish becomes the youngest headliner ever at England’s famed Glastonbury Festival, but she still can’t help feeling that she doesn’t quite belong on that legendary stage.

“Half of me is like, ‘This is so stupid and so humiliating that I’m here, I shouldn’t be allowed to be up here or ready for this,’” she tells NME. “And then the other side says, ‘No, you’re here; they chose you and they’re here for you’. I have to convince myself that I’m not a huge loser and accidentally there… I find it very hard to process this life sometimes.”

Adding to that imposter syndrome, she says, is the fact that one of the festival’s other headliners — who will be the oldest solo artist to do so — is Paul McCartney.

“Are you kidding me? The Beatles were what raised me,” she exclaims. “My love for music I feel 95 per cent owes to the Beatles and Paul. It’s insane to think about.”

So how to deal with those feelings of inadequacy? She notes, “Any time in the last year I’ve headlined a festival, I’ve felt like, ‘Why would you choose me?’ With that in mind, I’m going to go even harder to prove to myself that I can do it and not to half-a** it… I will be going out and full-a**ing it.”

Saying that she feels she “owes it to everyone to put on a good show,” Billie’s goals for her performance on the festival’s famous Pyramid Stage are simple.

“I’m really crossing my fingers that it’s a good vibe out there,” she says. “I’m hoping that the crowd is ready to have as much fun as I am ready to have, and not just be there to watch – I need energy coming back from the crowd to bounce off.”

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