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Billie Eilish pulls a Taylor Swift and unfollows everyone on Instagram

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No, it’s not a glitch, Billie Eilish really did unfollow everyone on Instagram.  Taking a page from Taylor Swift‘s book, the “bury a friend” singer set her following count back to zero.

According to a fan who was paying close attention to Eilish’s Instagram stories, the unfollow spree may have been sparked by the 18-year-old vowing to unfollow those accused of assault.

“If I am following your abuser, DM ME & I will unfollow them.  I support you,” she previously announced to her 68 million followers.

Soon enough, the fan claims she started removing anyone who was identified as a “bad guy.” Names like Justin BieberAnsel ElgortChris Brown and anyone else who was accused of sexual or physical assault vanished from her following list. 

It is unknown what precipitated next to cause Eilish to go on an unfollow spree, but it was also noticed that she took down her Instagram story as well.

By Megan Stone
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