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Billie Eilish reveals she’s not sure what her natural hair color is


Billie Eilish revealed she has no idea what her natural hair color is anymore — because she’s been dyeing her hair for over a decade.

The singer shared her beauty routine with Vogue and opened up about her chameleon-like appearance. “My hair, it has randomly in my life been a thing that I change a lot and I’ve had many, many, many different hair colors since I was, like, 10,” Billie said.

“I didn’t even know that was a part of me. I just did it,” the Oscar winner continued. “I never thought, ‘Oh, I want hair to be the thing that I do.'”

Billie said her parents encouraged her self-expression and were “down for me being 9 and grab a Manic Panic blue from CVS and throw it on my hair!”

“They didn’t care,” she shrugged, which she said allowed her to feel “really comfortable” with changing up her look from time to time. Because of that, it’s one of her favorite things to do.

“I dyed it blue first when I was 9, I think, and then when I was 13, I got it bleached for the first time. I got it white. I had white hair for years,” Billie recalled, but said her current color — black — is “what feels the most like me, weirdly.”

She adds having black hair is “kind of a life-changer” because it makes it “much easier to go out in the world and be a normal person,” as opposed to the signature green hair she rocked for two years. “I couldn’t go anywhere,” she recalled.

As for what her natural hair color is, Billie’s guess is as good as ours. “I think I’m naturally blond,” she suggested. “I haven’t had natural hair color in a long time.”

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