Billionaires 2022: Rihanna, Peter Jackson, and 234 Others New To The List This Year

Even though there is a war, COVID-19 still ravishing the world and sluggish economies, billionaires continued to be made in 2022.

The number of billionaires and their worth was down in 2022 with eighty-seven fewer billionaires than in 2021, making $400 billion less.

34-year-old Melanie Perkins and Rihanna, both made the list. Perkins, co-founder, and CEO of graphic design app Canva was valued by investors at $40 billion last September. While Rihanna ($1.7 Billion), whose stakes in the Fenty Beauty cosmetics line and the Savage X Fenty lingerie business helped make her Barbados’ first billionaire.

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson ($1.5 billion) reached billionaire status in November when he sold a stake in his Weta digital film effects shop to Unity Software for some $975 million. Leonid Radvinsky reached $1.2 billion with OnlyFans.

Are you surprised by some of the industries that are making billions?