‘Black Panther’ Makes Diversity History at Oscars

Sunday night the Marvel movie Black Panther not only made history for superhero films, but also for diversity.
The movie took home a total of three awards last night in the best costume design, production design, and original score categories during the ceremony with two winners being the first African-Americans to win in two categories.
Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler won an Oscar for costume design and production design.
Carter, who was also nominated for work on Amistad and Malcolm X said, “I dreamed and prayed for this night,” and Beachler who was in tears during her acceptance speech gave props to Ryan Coogler and said, “I stand here today because of this man who gave me a better perspective of life.”
Have you talked about the significance of the Black Panther wins to your kids? How many times have you seen Black Panther?