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Both Halsey and Ariana Grande miss out on the 'Midsommar' May Queen dress

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Last month, both Halsey and Ariana Grande said online that they were interested in bidding on a very special movie costume: the over-the-top May Queen dress, made of 10,000 silk flowers, worn by Florence Pugh in the horror flick Midsommar.  Sadly, neither of the pop stars managed to snag the item.

As Buzzfeed reports, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures scored the dress for $65,000.  All proceeds from the auction went to the FDNY Foundation, which is helping with COVID-19 relief efforts in New York City.

As previously reported, Ari, who expressed her love for Midsommar last year, posted a message on her Instagram Story that she wrote to Florence Pugh, saying, “i’m crying/ also I’m bidding as soon as possible.”  To which Florence responded, “DO IT! Halloween will never be the same.”  To which Ariana replied, “I WAS ALREADY PLANNING TO HAVE IT MADE ANYWAY BYE.”

Florence responded, “It even has hand holes for wine,” and Ariana replied, simply, “HELP ME.” 

Meanwhile, Halsey tweeted a GIF of Pugh in the movie, crying, and wrote, “me, to myself: don’t bid for the midsommar may queen outfit dont bid for the midsommar may queen outfit…”

Since Ari didn’t win, looks like she’ll have to go ahead with her original plans to have a copy of the dress made for herself for Halloween.

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