Bridezilla Complains That Her Fiance Won’t Get Second Job

A Bridezilla posted on Reddit that she had to quit her job so she could plan her wedding fulltime.

She’s mad that her soon-to-be husband won’t get a second job to help finance her $80,000 dream wedding.

They are also fighting over the cost of the wedding. He wants to cut back on expenses.

Uh hello no. This is my wedding  I have been dreaming of since I was little and I refuse to have anything  but my dream wedding.

Many people on Reddit were trying to send the husband-to-be a smoke signal to RUNNN. Saying that this was a sign that the marriage was headed in the wrong direction.

Someone else said, I bet if he does get a 2nd job she’ll then complain that he’s never around to help with the wedding planning.

Do you know a Bridezilla or were you one?