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Britney Spears claims her father “stripped” away her womanhood during conservatorship

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Britney Spears spoke out against her father, Jamie Spears, in a new Instagram post that detailed some new allegations of abuse fueled by her 13-year conservatorship.  The post has since been deleted.

On Monday, the “Toxic” singer remarked, “I actually think my dad always played the kid as his role.” 

“I mean, the first day my dad became my conservator I will never forget!!!,’ Britney further stated. “He said ‘Sit down in that chair… We’re going to have a talk.’ He said ‘I’m Britney Spears and I call the shots from now on’ and ever since that day I felt a huge part of my womanhood stripped from me… I was never the same.”

Britney’s remarks echo the findings Ronan Farrow uncovered in his bombshell The New Yorker report from last summer about Britney’s conservatorship.  The reporter spoke with former family friend Jacqueline Butcher, who claimed Jamie Spears would scream, “I am Britney Spears!”  Butcher also claimed he would belittle and insult his daughter, such as calling her a “terrible mother.”

Britney added, “If I told you when you were 17 that 9 years from now your dad is going to take over your whole career if you do this record … What the hell do you think [I] would have said ????  Not NO BUT HELL NO !!!  Everything happens for a reason … I’m not so sure about that.”

The Grammy winner also included the lyrics of Meredith Brooks‘ 1997 hit “B****” when telling fans not to “forget” who she is.  

Britney’s conservatorship was terminated in November. Since then, she has made numerous allegations against family members, including her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

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