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Britney Spears is now the target of the Beyhive for calling herself "Queen B"

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Lesson be learned, if you plan on calling yourself “Queen B” or any variant, prepare to face the wrath of the Beyhive.

Britney Spears on Thursday kicked a literal bees nest when she uploaded an adorable image of a gold bumble bee holding a little jewel-encrusted crown over its head.  “To all my fans who call me Queen B ….I believe this would be more accurate,” the 38-year-old cheekily wrote in the caption, which included several bee emojis.

While the post was meant to be cheerful and cute, some people saw it as a declaration of war against Beyoncé.

The former Destiny’s Child member has gone by that moniker for several years and her fans, known as the Beyhive, have astutely defended anyone who encroached on the nickname.

For example, during Lorde‘s 2013 song “Royals,” she sings “You can call me Queen B,” which caused the Beyhive to put a target on her back.

As for Britney, fans have referred to her as Queen B as a shortened version of “Queen Britney” for several years, but this seems to be the first time she’s recognized the nickname. 

While the “Circus” singer has left up her Instagram post for now, the comments section has devolved into an all out war between the two fandoms over who rightfully owns the title.

It should be noted that no one technically has the rights to the “Queen B” name, as it’s been used in a variety of mediums from TV series like Gossip Girls to a variety of comic book villains seen in the DC Universe.

Meanwhile, neither Britney nor Beyoncé have commented on the matter. 

By Megan Stone
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