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Britney Spears tells fans she's trying to "find more ways to give myself more self-love"

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Despite her ongoing conservatorship legal battle, Britney Spears is remaining upbeat and even shared with fans on Wednesday that she’s rediscovering what makes her truly happy.

Posing in her signature peasant midriff top, Spears asked fans on Wednesday to tell her what brings them joy. 

“Ask yourself today … am I truly happy ??? What makes you happy … coffee early in the morning ??? Dancing for hours ??? Making lots of plans for the day then canceling,” the “Toxic” singer queried. 

She hopes that by connecting with fans over their life pleasures, she can discover more of her own. 

“I am trying to find more ways to give myself more self-love,” the 38-year-old singer affirmed, adding that it will also lead her to “feeling confident in my divine feminine body.”

“I experience so much joy and passion ….. and always try to find ways I can demonstrate that to you all,” she shared, adding that she hopes her followers are “also finding ways to find joy and happiness.”

Spears’ post was uploaded the same day as her court hearing over appointing Andrew Wallet as co-conservator of her estate, a request made by her father James “Jamie” Spears

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Grammy winner opposes Wallet’s appointment, saying he will be too expensive to afford since she no longer wishes to perform. 

“To this date, Britney has not resumed performing and has stated that she does not desire to do so at this time,” her court documents state, noting that Wallet “has been extremely expensive in the past.”

Spears expressed that she wishes to work with “a corporate fiduciary” who can “offer both a physical office and a team” to work with her over “difficult budgetary choices” and not “a single individual, hand-picked by her father, who is a complete stranger to her.”

By Megan Stone
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