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BTS creates a little chaos during their “Crosswalk Concert” on ‘Corden’

Terence Patrick 2021 CBS

BTS is used to performing before throngs of screaming, adoring fans, but what happens when they sing and dance in front of a line of impatient commuters sitting in traffic? As expected, things got a little hairy.

We finally know what happened when the K-pop sensations joined The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s perennial bit, “Crosswalk Concert” bit, which saw them take over West Hollywood’s Beverly Boulevard as traffic waited at the red light.

To help psych the singers up, James assured they were about to perform at “the biggest venue of your life” as he gestured to the busy intersection, calling it “the hottest ticket in town.”

RM deadpanned, “We just played for 50,000 people at SoFi Stadium. Now, he wants us to play next to some gas station?” Despite the group’s initial apprehension — Jimin even declared, “I don’t think this is safe,” —  they decided to give it a shot.

The septet took to the sidewalk to perform over-the-top renditions of their hits “Butter,” “Permission to Dance” and “Dynamite,” which included backup dancers, people jumping on trampolines and smoke bombs.  Thankfully, they successfully entertained the rush hour traffic. Some commuters whipped out their smart phones and danced along.

However, there were some hiccups during BTS’ performance — most notably when slipped and fell when the signal turned green. Thankfully, he jumped right back up and made it to safety in time.

As for James, he accidentally summoned the Los Angeles Fire Department after becoming a little too enthused when promoting “Dynamite” by saying they were “going to blow this place up.” The British host apologized to one of the firemen and promised to “choose my words more carefully next time.”

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