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BTS members share their personal highs and lows of 2021


As their incredible 2021 comes to an end, the boys of BTS JHope, Jimin, Jin, JungkookSuga, RM and V— individually sat down for a series of tell-all interviews Vogue Korea recently and reflected on the past year.

V admitted he became more of an introvert this year, adding, he used to be an extrovert but a recent MBTI personality test revealed he became more withdrawn.  “I don’t think these changes are a bad thing,” he shared.  V also discussed BTS’ “My Universe” collaboration with Coldplay and revealed that, after the band heard him sing, they told him “I was like the second Chris Martin.”

Suga said he is “happier” than he was before because of the success he’s enjoyed in 2021 and, when asked about his future, remarked, “I’ll always be a member of BTS.”  He noted some people pushed him to give producing a try and cracked, “I’m not responsible enough to take responsibility for anyone.”

As for RM, he’s thinking of a different future.  The singer recently had “a eureka moment” when looking at Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh‘s paintings and became “envious” they were able to communicate “directly with a boy from Korea” hundreds of years after they died. RM says he’s “fascinated by art” now and is strying art history to learn the “longevity of painters.”

Jimin reflected on the stress of the pandemic, and confided, “It felt like my whole life’s work was being negated.”  He admits that feeling made him focus on keeping BTS’ momentum going.

As for Jin, he admits he’s learned to appreciate his lazy days and declared, “I think that resting should be entirely selfish.”  

As for Jungkook and J-Hope, the two expressed hope and excitement for the future.


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