Dana Cortez

Cardi B Checks Haters At BBMA’s

Cardi B provided some interesting counterprogramming during the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night.

While changing backstage at the ceremony, Cardi posed nude in a video on Instagram.

Wearing nothing but a small thong, Cardi addressed pictures of a wardrobe malfunction that happened on the red carpet before the awards. People had begun crudely photoshopping some of Cardi’s body.

Cardi referenced to her genitalia in the NSFW rant. She said, “Y’all wanna look at my p**** so bad, you should have seen me when I was a motherf***ing stripper and I was promoting myself like “come see me!” Now too bad!'”

Did Cardi do too much or is this just her being her? What was your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?