Cardi B Reveals She Wrote DJ Khaled Song in Less Than 48 Hours

In hip hop, there is always a debate about who wrote or didn’t write their own lyrics.
Recently, Cardi B has come under scrutiny for the same thing.
She hopped in Instagram Live to share with the fans that the song Big Paper featured on Khaled’s album was turned in at the last minute-7am Thursday morning.
She shared she wrote the song.
She didn’t think the song was going to make the album.
Fans cried foul because Khaled was playing the song on Tuesday in a video he dropped.
She explained she submitted a verse and a hook to Khaled on Tuesday so she could show him she was working on the song but the song wasn’t finished until Thursday.
Do you care if your favorite artist writes their own lyrics? Does writing your own lyrics matter more to hip hop than r&b?