Cardi B’s “Hot Sh*t” Features Lil Durk and Kanye West, Explains Why Music Video Is Delayed

Cardi joined a Twitter Spaces hosted by her followers to talk about her upcoming song, “Hot Sh_t.” “I’ve had this record for three years,” she said. “This record is older than WAP. It is everyone’s favorite,” said Cardi. “The record is very masculine too.”

Cardi also commented on her support system and fans saying, “I feel like I haven’t put out a record in a year and a half. It’s a lot of pressure on me,” she said. “I’ve seen tweets of you guys said this before. You guys be feeling like no other fan bases be having your back. Everybody is scared to stand up for Cardi but I stand up for a lot of people.”

Cardi commented on her “small but mighty” fanbase and also explained that at first, she wanted to cancel the single coming out because it does not have a music video.

Cardi explained that someone “dropped the ball,” but she still will give fans the single and is working on her next record which will drop in a couple of months.

How often do you like to get new music from your favorite artist? Should artists drop albums every year or every six months in your opinion?