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Carly Rae Jepsen treats her 'Dedicated' fans to a surprise album

School Boy/Interscope Records/604 Records


Carly Rae Jepsen has surprised fans with new music: Dedicated Side B, a collection of outtakes from her 2019 album Dedicated.  She’s also released a lyric video for the song “This Love Isn’t Crazy,” which shows her frolicking in the studio with collaborator Jack Antonoff.

“New tunes for your blues,” Carly wrote on Instagram. “If this helps in any small way — I’m relieved. Sending you all my love and sharing dis damn side B I’ve been storing in my cheeks.”

In an official statement, she says, “So yes, there have been whispers and I’m bad at keeping secrets. Side B for DEDICATED is out now, babies, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share these tunes. I hope it makes yah dance your pants off.”

Carly adds, “Thank you for all the joy you shared with me on this last year of touring. I owe yah one…or like two albums, turns out. ;).  For the record, I love you all.”

Fans are predictably freaking out.  One wrote, “the true vaccine! this will cure us all!!!”  Another wrote, “THANK YOU FOR MAKING QUARANTINE A BIT MORE PALATABLE.”

Dedicated was Carly’s fourth studio album — it came out almost exactly a year ago.  It landed on multiple publications’ lists of the Best Albums of the Year, including Billboard, Variety, GQ and Paste.



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