Brooke & Jubal

Inside Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Honeymoon

Following Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding last month, the couple took off to the Maldives in South Asia for their honeymoon! Depending on the side of the property and its amenities, most of the villas come with private pools which can run anywhere from $1,400 to $28,000 per night. Check out the couples spot, […]

Battle of the Tinder Dates

Two hopeless daters, one dating app that dares you to swipe right, the question is, whose love life is more tragic?

Care or Don’t Care

Brooke & Jubal decide whether they CARE or DON’T CARE about all kinds of weird topics. If the majority votes that they care, they get to hear more about it… And Jubal, who doesn’t care about anything, is forced to listen. Hear it now in our newest segment!

Laser Stories

Laser stories is where we read news from around the globe just like everyone else except we have a laser and those other idiots don’t.

Missed Connections

Brooke & Jubal scoured the back pages of Craigslist to find the best (or is it Worst?) entries from their Missed Connections section! Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just plain hopeless, Missed Connections might be the place for you!

Plead the Fifth

These are the questions that Brooke & Jubal wished they were never asked. It’s about to get really uncomfortable.”

Sage Sings

Everyone’s favorite weirdo is Sage Willowbrooke. Here are some of his famous creepy songs.

Shock Collar Question of the Day

Trivia with a twist! Can Brooke, Jubal or Jose answer this trivia question correctly? They better or they’re getting the shock of a lifetime.

Textual Healing

Brooke & Jubal are masters at writing back to text messages and now they are using their superpowers for good and help our listeners.”