Beyoncé Breaks the Internet

She’s done it again… Beyonce released her new single “Break My Soul”, from her highly anticipated seventh solo studio album “Renaissance.” She also announced last Thursday that her album is…

Amber Heard Speaks Out

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, Amber Heard breaks the silence and provides her perspective on the outcome of the renowned defamation trial that took Hollywood by storm….

Matthew McConaughey Calls for Action

In his hometown of Texas, Actor Matthew McConaughey recently called for gun reform following the Uvalde School Shooting, that claimed the lives of 19 children and 2 adults. Within his…

Camille Vasquez Speaks out on Recent Win

In an exclusive Good Morning America interview, Camille speaks out on her recent win in regards to the most renowned defamation case in recent Hollywood history, quoting that “domestic violence…

Top Gun Getting Sued?!?!

Top gun is getting sued by the original family of the author of the 1986 film. They said they inspired the movie and is suing for copyright infringement.