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Check out Halsey's crazy Halloween makeup skills

Aiden Cullen

Halsey is a singer, songwriter, actress and poet — but did you know that she’s also a pro-level makeup artist too?

On Instagram, the “Without Me” singer showed off two amazing Halloween looks. One is based on the cover of her album MANIC, in which she sports a black eye.  The Halloween version shows her face with a gross bloody hole where her eye should be.  The caption reads, “MANIC, but make it Horror. Whipped this up this morning.

The other look features her as Tim Burton‘s Emily, from the director’s 2005 movie The Corpse Bride.

“It takes my breath away! Well it would if I had any…,” she captioned the image, quoting a line from the film.

Of course, the photos prompted many questions from fans, so Halsey tweeted, “a lil FAQ: yes I do my own makeup yes I did break out afterwards lmao.”

She also explained how she managed to create these eerie looks, tweeting, “I was obsessed with the show Face Off in high school and learned how to do a lot of SFX with YouTube tutorials! Combined with having to learn on the fly for music videos and stuff. Like all the SFX for the injuries in the [hopeless fountain kingdom] era videos are done by me!”

When a fan asked, “do u go [out] in public like that please do,” Halsey joked, “pls I don’t go in public in general.”

Last Halloween, Halsey and her then-boyfriend Evan Peters dressed up like Marilyn Manson and an Insane Clown Posse Jugaloo fan.  They also went to an American Horror Story party on October 25 dressed as a ’70s-era Sonny and Cher.

By Andrea Dresdale
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