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"Cheerleader" singer OMI returns with new song "Bring My Baby Back"

Bart Pajak

OMI, whose upbeat, reggae-flavored number-one hit “Cheerleader” was Billboard‘s Song of the Summer for 2015, is back with a new single.

The song, another pop/reggae jam, is called “Bring My Baby Back,” and it’s got an animated video to go along with it.  While the song sounds happy, lyrically, it’s about a guy who’s sad because he doesn’t know where his girlfriend has gone.

“The song is about searching every corner of the Earth for your lost love, but the upbeat production gives it a fun dancefloor vibe,” OMI explains. “I just love creating great music for my fans, so I hope they feel and enjoy this… maybe we’ll see some ‘Bring My Baby Back’ dances on Tik Tok!”

Explaining how he feels trying to come back after a huge success like “Cheerleader,” OMI says, “I’m in that first stage again, as if I never had a hit record. That’s the hunger, the drive that I have right now in my heart and in my mind.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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