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Chris Martin credits ’Back to the Future’ for inspiring his career in music

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 3
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Like many who grew up in the ’80s, Back to the Future was the film that made people very excited about the years ahead.  For Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, he says the movie did way more than that — it’s the reason his band exists. 

He appeared Tuesday on The Kelly Clarkson Show and said it was a life changing moment when he watched Michael J. Fox — who played Marty McFly in the franchise — jump on stage to perform a Chuck Berry song.

“That’s what made me want to be in a band, you know? That scene,” Chris revealed before poking fun at his seemingly old age.  When gesturing to those in the audience, he noted a good handful of those watching are “probably too young to remember that bit.”

“I grew up in real farmland of England, before the internet,” the British singer explained, adding he would glom onto any movie or TV show that played a catchy tune.  “The first thing I ever recorded was — there was a show called The A-Team — and I had a cassette recorder and held it against the TV to record the theme tune.”

The conversation was initially sparked by him and Kelly bonding over their love of covering other artists’ songs.  He then revealed one of his favorite memories is playing a cover — because of who joined him on stage.

“Michael J. Fox came [on stage] and played two songs from Back to the Future with us in MetLife Stadium,” he grinned of the 2016 memory. “Him coming to play ‘Johnny B. Goode’ and stuff was wonderful.”

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