Chrissy Teigen Made Lolli-Pop Tarts With the Help of John Legend and Luna’s Stuffed Unicorn

Besides being a savage tweeter, Chrissy Teigen knows her way around a kitchen and the cookbook author has whipped up another amazing treat with the help of her husband, John Legend, and four-year-old daughter Luna’s stuffed unicorn.

Chrissy, John, and Luna made pop tarts on a stick. The creation is half breakfast, half dessert, and incorporates a raspberry filling topped with your favorite kid’s cereal.

Luna along with everyone’s “Mom” and “Dad,” put their stamp of approval on the lollipops and it’s a quick and easy treat that included family fun while vacationing in Mexico.

Check out how to make Chrissy’s Lolli-Pop Tarts on her YouTube channel or open the story link.

What has been your favorite quarantine recipe?