‘Chrissy’s Court’ Is Now Available For Streaming Online And It Won’t Take Long To Binge-Watch

If you love Chrissy Teigen then you’ll love her new online court show, “Chrissy’s Court” now out on the streaming service Quibi.

Quibi launched this week with a star-studded lineup of shows. Chrissy’s Court is a courtroom comedy, kind of like Judge Judy but with Chrissy’s witty remarks.

Chrissy’s mother, Pepper, joins the mother of two in the courtroom as the bailiff, making way for plenty of mother-daughter laughs.

Binging Chrissy’s Court is also very easy to binge watch, one viewer was able to watch the whole series in 37 minutes. Quibi describes Chrissy’s Court as, “Real people. Real cases. And real, legally binding decisions.”  Get a free 90 day trial of Quibi at

Have you checked out Quibi yet? What is your favorite show?