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Coldplay and BTS perform an intergalactic show in video for “My Universe”

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James Marcus Haney x Heo Jae Young x Kim So Jung

Coldplay and BTS defy a universe-wide ban on music in the intergalactic new video for “My Universe.”

The clip, directed by Dave Meyers, is set in the distant galaxy called The Spheres, where music is forbidden. Three bands — Coldplay, BTS and an alien group called Supernova 7 — join forces to perform together using hologram technology, in spite of the law.

“My Universe” is the second single from Coldplay’s upcoming album, Music of the Spheres, due out October 15.

Last weekend, a documentary about the song, titled Inside My Universe, was released, along with an acoustic version of the song and a “Supernova 7” mix.

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